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5 Reasons You Should Learn To  Dive

Scuba Diving is one of life’s great pleasures. Immersing yourself deep beneath the waves allows you to discover a whole new world, and reach new depths. It is a challenge that offers unlimited rewards, and is a sport that brings people together and creates lifelong relationships! Here we explore 5 reasons you should learn to dive, if you even need any persuading…

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Animal Profile: The  Manatee

Of all the world’s marine mammals, the manatee is not related to dolphins or whales but is the large aquatic relative of the elephant! They play an important role in vegetation growth in their habitats. Read more about these fascinating but highly threatened marine species:

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Shark Conservation: Why Is It Important To Protect Our Ocean  Predators?

The rise of blockbuster films such as Jaws and Sharknado and their depiction of sharks as terrifying, merciless human-killers has very much promoted an 'us vs them' mentality surrounding sharks - but are they really deserving of such an infamous reputation?

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The Ocean Cleanup

It’s no secret that we’ve been dumping stuff in our oceans for years. It’s probably also no secret that most of what’s dumped are not natural materials either. In recent months, microbeads have stolen the headlines for being the villain of the polluted ocean piece. It goes deeper than that, though.

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What's Happening In Conservation In 2016?

Now that the Christmas and New Year dust has settled and the routines are setting in again, it might be a good time to take note of a few dates for the conservation diary in 2016.

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