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Fears After  Fukushima

Flickr | IAEA ImagebankFukushima is now synonymous ‘nuclear power’ and ‘disaster’. The place was once just a normal town which was then catapulted to fame after the nuclear power plant it housed suffered serious damage in 2011. During the time, people were already on edge about nuclear power due to the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and conversations regarding the future of energy, and nuclear energy in particular, had been intense ever since then.

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Earth's Most Uninhabitable  Locations

Flickr | Eli DukeAs we continue to voyage beyond our atmosphere into space, we often hear about how Earth seems to be the only planet set up for successful habitation. They may have found traces of water on Mars, or planets similar looking to Earth but nothing has been quite in reach or compared to the abundance of resources we have on our little blue planet.

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