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The Best Locations For Seeing The Northern  Lights

If the Northern Lights are not on your bucket list, then they should be! They are probably on every travellers list. The aurora spectral colours glowing in the night sky is magical. Finding words to describe this phenomenon is proven difficult as it is a vision like no other, filled with hidden myths, making it so much more mysterious.  Find out where you can see the Northern Lights here.

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Discover Scandinavia

Often considered the most expensive corner of the world (with good reason), Scandinavia is home to some of the best luxury travel spots there are. But whether you’re on a shoestring or you’re breaking the bank, there’s plenty to discover in this Nordic wonderland.

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Bucket List: Italo Marzotto

A little bit of everything this bucket list will take you from Norway to Cuba so get ready to be inspired!

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