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The Himalayas: Animal Wonderland 

A report released by WWF earlier this month revealed that over 200 new species have been discovered in the Himalayas over the last six years. Along with the vast and wonderful array of species that had previously been discovered in the region these new findings ensure the Himalayas place as a must-see location for wildlife fanatics.

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New kids on the block

Over 18,000 new species were identified last year; meet some of the weird and wonderful animals, plants and even microbe

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Top 10 newly discovered species

There are around 8.7 million different species in the natural world at present, and it is estimated that a vast majority have not yet been discovered.

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Science Club: Your Weekly Dose

Here is your weekly summary of all that is new in the Science and Nature world. This week saw the first sighting of a rare whale and the big issues surrounding world fishing raised in a new report by the United Nations. If you want to catch our stories as they come then visit our Science Club during the week.


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Unexplored Earth: The Congo River Basin

In the past week we’ve taken you into unexplored territories, from the inaccessible highland forests of Papua New Guinea to the dense jungle of the Amazon. Today we take you into the remote and mysterious depths of the Congo River Basin.

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Unexplored Earth: Amazon Rainforest  

Continuing our focus on some of the planet’s least explored locations, today we venture to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Despite constant media attention on the various environmental and cultural issues related to the area, there are still vast regions which remain undocumented from a scientific perspective.

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Unexplored Earth: Papua New Guinea 

The vast majority of our planet has long been discovered and well documented by science. But what of those remote locations which remain largely unexplored due to their isolated positioning or political volatility? This week we’ll be taking a look at these mysterious places. Today we take you to Papua New Guinea, where the inaccessible highland forests are slowly being uncovered by modern science.

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