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Project of the week: Peru Amazon Rainforest Conservation

Based in the Peruvian Amazon, this project is spearheading the conservation of a unique region of the rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is facing deforestation at an increasing rate, and if this trend continues then it could be destroyed by the end of this century.

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New Australia and New Zealand projects

Looking to head down under? Always wanted to experience the laid back Australian vibe or explore New Zealand’s stunning landscape whilst chatting to some friendly locals? Or maybe you’ve just seen The Hobbit and have all kinds of nerd urges to get yourself over there as quick as you can.

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Frontier Projects Round-Up - November 

It's been a busy month for Madagascar with spottings of rare eagles and new research findings of lemur behaviour and reptile recovery. Tanzania has also had an exciting few weeks as new science projects have been put into development. All of the Frontier science project news is regularly added to the Society for Environmental Exploration (SEE) website.  

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New terrestrial research project set up in Tanzania

For anyone looking to get involved with terrestrial conservation, Frontier’s new Tanzania Wildlife Conservation Adventure (TZF) is the perfect way to try out a new experience or develop your skills.

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