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Into The Wild Meets: Cain Scrimgeour - Wildlife Photographer/Filmmaker

Cain Scrimgeour has the job a lot of us dream about: He is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker. But how do you get into such a job? And is it as wonderful and exciting as we imagine it to be? Cain tell us more.

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Frontier's Wildlife & Nature Photography Competition - Who Snapped their way to Glory?

This month, Frontier hosted a Wildlife & Nature Photography competition to reward and highlight the creative spark of our volunteers and the good work they have carried out abroad.

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Top 5 photography tips for wildlife volunteers

Are you a happy snapper? Being abroad might bring out your creative side and most importantly, you want the best photos to keep the memories of your time abroad.

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Job Jealousy: Edward Parker, wildlife photographer

When speaking to Edward Parker about his past as a wildlife and nature photographer and author, Into the Wild found what he had to say truly inspiring as someone so totally enamoured by his work.

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Photo of the Week

Beautiful photography is what we're all about on Monday mornings. This week's Photo of the Week is an interseting image entitled 'Alaska'. According to photographer Mel Hagai, the image depicts the recovery after the world's largest tundra fire. Check out Mel's photostream for more amazing photography.


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