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Top 5 Snowy  Destinations

Sometimes, when temperatures plummet, the beauty of a place only increases when it receives its gift from the skies - snow. Whilst a lot of us look to warmer destinations during the blistering winter months, we’re here to make a case for some of the snowier sceneries out there.

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The UK’s Urban Wildlife

Wildlife isn’t just the brown bear in the forests of North America or Eastern Europe, wildlife is right here in front of you; all you need to do is look a little closer, maybe look up or down, and most importantly, know where to look. Even in the cities, you will find a range of animals.

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On the Line - National Parks of the Equator

The Equator passes through many different National Parks in the various continents it dissects. Here are just a couple of the spectacular regions which highlight the vast biodiversity found at the centre of our planet.

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National Park Profile: Biscayne National Park

Although it’s not in Central America, today’s National Park Profile features an amazing reserve on the southern tip of Florida in the USA. We spoke to Gary Bremen of Biscayne National Park about this beautiful area and the conservation issues it is involved in.

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National Park Profile: Kruger National Park

A week all about Africa wouldn’t be complete without a look at one of its most famous wildlife attractions. So in a very special edition of National Park Profile, we caught up with our friends at Krugar National Park in South Africa.

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In a week focusing on Africa, today we take you on a whistle-stop tour of beautiful Kenya and all it has to offer the curious traveller.

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