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5 Mind-Boggling  Mountains

Mountains have always been a source of amazement to us. The view from a mountain offers us unique perspective on our world and we are always in awe of how our earth can push its land into such a formation. From expeditions to photography, mountains have continually been a focal natural phenomenon to us...

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5 Must-See Mountains 

Natural landscapes are popular sites of interest so we have rounded up our 5 favourite mountains from across the world! The tallest, oldest and most culturally captivating mountains span across the continents and we’ve covered the very best – read on!

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QUIZ: Where Should Your Next Camping Trip  Be?

There are people that love camping and others that just associate it with bugs and bad sleep. It all depends on how and where you camp though, so take the quiz to find out where to connect with nature!

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Top 10 Adventure Travel Experiences

Travelling or taking a gap year can be a once in a lifetime experience, and this makes us keen to fill it with as many unique activities as possible.

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Mountain gorillas

The total number of mountain gorillas in the world, as of 2012, is 700. An incredibly low number, they are the subspecies of eastern Gorilla’s, only found in Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo; they’re virtually scattered throughout the Virunga mountainous regions of central Africa.

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Photo of the Week

Another Monday can means a new Photo of the Week on Into the Wild. We're building up quite a collection of incredible shots now...check out all the entries so far on our photography page! This week's image comes courtesy of Javier Gonzalez Galafate and shows a beautiful mountain scene in Puerto del Boyar, Grazalema in Cadiz (Spain). 

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