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Into the Wild Meets: Austin Stevens – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our fascinating interview with Austin Stevens.  In this concluding part Austin tells us about his most embarrassing moment when he was bitten by a snouted cobra, his hopes of seeing a snow leopard in the wild and he tells us which Frontier project he would most like to go on!

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Frontier Myth Buster: What (not) to do when Deadly Animals Attack

Yesterday we looked at the world’s most deadly animals. Today, we’ll be dispelling a few myths surrounding these frightening creatures and what to do if one attacks: Should I really be sucking the venom from this snake bite? Will a well-aimed punch to the nose really save me from this shark attack?

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Frontier Focus: World’s Deadliest Animals

This week we have an exciting line-up for you on Into the Wild. Building up to a fascinating two-part interview with everyone’s favourite snake-wrangler, Austin Stevens, we thought we would get you in the mood with a week focusing on the planet’s most dangerous and deadly animals.

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