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How To: Earn Money Online During Your Gap Year  Abroad

Working on a gap year can be essential but tricky. On the one hand you want or need to make some extra money. On the other you don’t want to miss out on experiences or, end up working in Starbucks in Singapore. Here are a few alternative ways to fund your travels:

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The Top 5 Gap Year Money Tips

Learning to manage your gap year cash can take your money further: you pay less for spending or borrowing, and get better deals on exchange. Here’s how to do it right;

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How to Raise Money for Your Gap Year Abroad

Escaping abroad is the perfect way to celebrate finishing school or college, whilst getting a new kind of life experience. But the sheer cost of travelling for a year can be daunting. Flights, food, accommodation, insurance and activities all add up, so if you can raise adequate cash before you go you won’t need to compromise while you’re out there, or cut your trip short.

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10 safety tips for women travelling alone

Without a doubt, travelling is one of the most enriching and invigorating things you can experience.  More specifically, travelling alone can be one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make. You get to follow your own schedule, do only the things you want to do, and travel at a pace that makes you happy.

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5 Top Tips For Cheap Travel 

They say the best things in life don’t come cheap and this is sometimes the case with travelling. Don’t be put off though because there are easy ways to save those pennies and make seeing the world that little bit cheaper.

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Why Should You Pay To Volunteer?

So many people out there want to volunteer abroad but one thing that always gets in the way is money. Paying to volunteer can seem counter intuitive because why should you pay to work for free? Many people don’t realise that it isn’t the volunteer work you’re paying for.

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