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Earth Day 2018: An Opportunity To Befriend The  Planet

Image adapted from original by Norman KuringIt’s no surprise that the motto of this year’s Earth Day is ‘End Plastic Pollution’. The scientific concern about more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050 is being voiced more often than ever before. Plastic waste has become a media newsbeat and even supermarkets are reacting to the trend.

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'Good' And 'Bad' Animals As Portrayed In The  Media

Flickr | AirwolfhoundAs animals cannot speak for themselves, their characterizations and descriptions of behaviour or values are always mediated through the perspective of humans. These can vary according to the interests, experience or views of a particular speaker.

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How The Media Influences Our View Of Developing  Countries

Poverty, plight and political disarray: these are the images that are often associated with developing countries. The reason for this is a selective narrative that dominates mainstream media, shaping our view of countries we otherwise have no personal experience with.

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Volunteer photo of the week: Anthea DH

This weeks photo comes from Tanzania Media and Journalism Internship volunteer Anthea DH. It captures the fantastic movement of a child at play which brings the photo to life. Head over to the Frontier Official Facebook page now to LIKE you're favourite volunteer photo from February.

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