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Climate Change and the Prevalence of  Malaria

All we hear about is what Climate Change is causing… Climate Change is increasing… It really is never ending! Believe it or not, new research now poses severe risk to human health, finding an association between Climate Change and malaria.

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Future Looking Bright in Fight Against Malaria

Researchers may have discovered a method to trap the malaria causing parasite inside of its own protective chamber.

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World Health Day 2014

World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April every year. For those history buffs out there, it was founded as a result of the United Nations being formed in the aftermath of the Second World War, in response to the devastation caused during this time.

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Technology and Innovation: A Cure for Malaria?

This week's theme of technology and innovation has been full of wonderful ideas. Today we look at another: the fight against malaria.

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