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Books that Inspire an Eco-Friendly  Lifestyle

Flickr | PRORosmarie VoegtliEco-friendly lifestyle brings many new obstacles to daily routines. From struggles with homemade natural cosmetic to arguments with a family about the necessity of recycling or long minutes wasted with searching for the palm oil in the endless ingredients lists. Many bloggers provide great tips on what to do, however, the motivation to change is far more important. These books might help you to find the needed inspiration.

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5 Books That Inspire  Travel

Not only can literature transport you to the edges of the earth without you having to lift much more than a finger, it can also be a great source of inspiration to actually go and discover places for yourself. We're here to give you five books that offer a unique and intriguing insight into some of the most beautiful parts of the world!

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Words come to life

There’s nothing quite as evocative as a beautifully written description of a wildlife encounter or animal. Sometimes wildlife comes to life in the written word when an author’s artistry manifests on the page.

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Top Travel Reads

Every journey has the potential to be one of self-discovery as our top travel reads show. We’ve chosen a range of classic and contemporary novels to illustrate what makes a good travel read, so whether home or abroad this summer indulge your imagination with these tales and get inspired for your own travels, spiritual or otherwise.

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