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Into The Wild Meets: Cain Scrimgeour - Wildlife Photographer/Filmmaker

Cain Scrimgeour has the job a lot of us dream about: He is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker. But how do you get into such a job? And is it as wonderful and exciting as we imagine it to be? Cain tell us more.

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Into the Wild meets Alastair Humphreys the insatiable explorer

'Begin! Don't worry about failure. Just begin.' Alastair Humprheys talks some inspirational stuff to Into the Wild about challenging yourself and the benefits to taking a gap year - the man knows his stuff after teaching for a year in South Africa.

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Job Jealousy: Elizabeth White - Filmmaker BBC Natural History Unit

Here on Into The Wild we love to speak to people with inspiring and envy-inducing jobs linked to wildlife or travel. As a filmmaker for the BBC Natural History Unit, Elizabeth White certainly fits the bill. Having worked on the incredible Frozen Planet, we thought it would be nice to speak to her and ask her all about it...

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Job Jealousy: Justine Curgenven, expedition seakayaker and film maker

Warning! Jealousy inducing interview and pictures to follow. This instalment sees Into The Wild catch up with expedition seakayaker and film maker Justine Curgenven who founded and runs Cackle TV, and creator of highly acclaimed seakayaking DVD series 'This is the Sea'. Justine regularly completes seakayaking expeditions around the globe, as well as giving talks at explorer and adventure travel shows around the country. 

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