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8 Reasons To Ban The Ivory  Trade

Every 25 minutes, another elephant is killed for its tusks. Everyday, another poacher poses with a new corpse. And apparently, every year another debate is held over the ethics behind the ivory trade.

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Swaziland Lifts The Ban On Ivory Trade

Just as Kenya amazed the world with its stand against the ivory trade by burning 105 tonnes of Elephant tusks and 1.5 tonnes of Rhino horns that had been confiscated by local authorities, Swaziland quietly lifted its own ban on the trading of ivory products.

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Poaching Power: A Rarely Told Story

The death of Cecil earlier this year evoked outrage across the planet, with people up in arms over the death of one of Africa’s favourite lions. The killer, a dentist from Minnesota, endured the wrath of many, but the real villains are those that do not make the front pages.

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Record Ivory Seizure in Hong Kong

Less than a week after the important alliance between the WWF's summit and 50 African religious leaders against poaching (Into The Wild 18/10/2012), Hong Kong police have impounded what has been described as one of the world's largest ever seizures of illegal ivory: a total of 1,209 ivory tusks or tusk fragments, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

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