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Meet Bob Gilbert, Author Of The Green London Way - A Guide That Teaches Us To Appreciate Urban  Walking

Image adapted from original by donchili“Our concern for the environment and for what we are doing to it should stem not from a sense of guilt or from fear, but from a positive celebration of the world around us and a joy in it”

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Melissa Hie: The girl that eats the  world

Flickr | insatiablemunchMelissa Hie’s Instagram account will catch your eye at the first sight. Her food photos, full of colour, capture the unique culture and atmosphere of the place.

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Into The Wild Meets: Cain Scrimgeour - Wildlife Photographer/Filmmaker

Cain Scrimgeour has the job a lot of us dream about: He is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker. But how do you get into such a job? And is it as wonderful and exciting as we imagine it to be? Cain tell us more.

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Into the Wild Meets: Jill Inman

When the travel bug bites, it’s hard not to scratch the itch. Today, Into the Wild blog meets Jill Inman, creator of iquitmyjobtotravel.com who decided to leave it all behind and travel.

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Into the Wild meets: Benedict Allen, Explorer 

Benedict Allen has been exploring practically for as long as he can remember.

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Desmond Morris: Zoologist, ethologist, author

Desmond Morris is a world renowned zoologist, ethologist, and painter. He has written numerous books on both subjects of human and animal behaviour. Here he took the time to speak to Into the Wild about his career, his love of coral reefs, and his effort to introduce the idea of breeding within zoos.

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Volunteer Interview: Harry White - Tanzania Marine Conservation & Diving

Today we catch up with Harry White who spent a month on Frontier's Tanzania Marine Conservation & Diving project last month. Harry tells us about life on camp and why he chose this project...

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Past Frontier Staff: Where Are They Now?

We love to know what our past volunteers and staff are up to here at Frontier. Today we catch up with Colin Bonnington who worked on Frontier's Tanzania Savannah project and is now working on his PhD.

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Future Volunteer Interview: Dorian Baan - Madagascar Marine Conservation and Diving Project

Today we speak to future volunteer Dorian Bann who later this year will be heading off to Frontier’s Madagascar Marine Conservation and Diving Project. We asked Dorian a few questions about his upcoming trip, finding out what he’s excited about, what he’s going to pack and a few other bits and pieces.

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Into the Wild Meets: Mark Evans

Mark Evans has been involved in some of the most interesting and groundbreaking science television of recent years, including 'Inside Nature's Giants', 'Nature's Wild Feast' and 'Brave New World'. Needless to say, Frontier is a huge fan of his work. Today we meet Mark and find out about how an obese cat launched his television career, his thoughts on natural history television and why he loves cows so much.

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Into the Wild Meets: Austin Stevens – Part 1

In the latest installment of Frontier Meets…, today we speak to Austin Stevens, a man made famous by his fearless and dramatic adventures in search of some of the world’s most dangerous creatures: snakes. In the first of a two-part interview with Frontier, Austin talks us through how he first became interested in snakes, an enthralling tale from his past travels, and much more. 

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Volunteer interview – Natalie Parr – South East Asia Ethical Trail

Future volunteer Natalie Parr answers a few questions for Frontier on her upcoming trip to South East Asia.

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Into the Wild Meets: Michaela Strachan

Frontier has been lucky enough to get hold of a true legend of wildlife television. Made famous as a presenter on the popular children’s television programme ‘The Really Wild Show’, Michaela Strachan has been involved in many other interesting projects over the years. Michaela told us about her career in TV so far, her experiences with animals, and about life in Cape Town.

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Volunteer Interview - Rebecca Taylor - Central America Ethical Adventure Trail

After interviewing the lovely Dorothy Conlon, an author and Frontier volunteer, we thought it would be interesting to read what some of our volunteers are looking forward to, prior to their trips abroad across various Frontier project destinations. We also have some quick-fire questions, we’re going to tally them up and see what our volunteers are all about.

Frontier: You have signed up for our Central America Ethical Trail Project – what appeals to you about this particular project?

Rebecca: I like the fact that I get to go to a multitude of areas that mostly appeals to me. Also because I am going on my own, I wanted to go with a company so that I could travel with like-minded people.

Frontier: What do you hope to achieve in your time abroad?

Rebecca: I hope to learn about Central America’s diverse culture, and how things are done differently abroad. I also want to gain teaching skills and experience, and make friends. I am planning to stay with a home-stay family, and I have often heard how lovely they are there, so I am looking forward to experiencing life from their perspective.

Frontier: Have you done much travelling up to now?

Rebecca: I have always been quite lucky with regards to travelling abroad, although that mainly consisted in travelling along the west coast of France with my mum and dad, nothing at all like what I am about to embark on with Frontier.

Frontier: Apart from the various destinations you will visit in Central America, is there one country that you would like to visit?

Rebecca: Hmm … I want to go everywhere to be honest! I guess if I had to choose, I suppose I would be interested in going to Australia, for the sunshine and beaches and of course for its amazing wildlife.  

Frontier: We like to give all our future volunteers some advice on what to pack on a gap year trip.  What one thing do you always take on your travels that you wouldn’t leave home without?

Rebecca: I always take sun cream, and I usually take sunglasses.

Frontier: What music are you planning to listen to?

Rebecca: I am actually in the process of downloading some music; I have just gotten a new Ipod! I would probably listen to Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, I might listen to some of the Top 40 hits too.

Frontier: What’s your favourite holiday memory?

Rebecca: Oh god there’s a lot to choose from. It’s probably the time when I was 10 years old and I was staying in a villa in Portugal and we had this massive water fight, the biggest you could imagine. It was with my dad, my brother and his girlfriend and there were four hose pipes around the villa, and we were just having this ridiculous water fight whilst my mum was trying to cook dinner in the kitchen, of course she was very much distracted by the commotion happening outside. The end of the water fight saw the whole place covered in water, and it has always been a brilliant memory for me.

1.    Beach or forest? Beach

2.    Tigers or sharks? Tigers

3.    Kanye West or Jay Z? Kanye West

4.    Beyonce or Rihanna? Beyonce

5.    Skins or Misfits? Skins

6.    Club or Gig? Gig

7.    Mac or PC? PC