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5 Endangered  Languages

An endangered language is defined by how many speakers are left in the world and access to learning said language. Unfortunately many languages, for many reasons, have been lost over time. Here are 5 languages on the brink and the efforts to bring them back.

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Environmental  Racism

Environmental racism is defined as the discrimination of low-income and minority communities by exposing said communities to degraded land, pollution and the effects of climate change. Deep-seeded in history, this issue is still playing out today both nationally and internationally.

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Top 5 Celebrity Activists

Life in the spotlight has been considered a curse, but it can also give people and causes a voice that otherwise goes unheard. Here are 5 celebrities who have used their fame as a platform to advocate sustainability, climate action, indigenous rights, transgender awareness and women's rights.

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Standing Rock: A Year Of Solidarity

Four words have resonated through 2016, summing up one of the most prominent environmental demonstrations in history. The North Dakota Access Pipeline violated the indigenous rights of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, attracting thousands of protesters to stand in defiance...

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