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Gender Diversity Around The World

Gender diversity, fluidity and expression is an integral part of human history. Unfortunately these ideas have oftentimes been lost or suppressed in the past, but there are some cultures that still honour these ancient traditions today.

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Standing Rock: A Year Of Solidarity

Four words have resonated through 2016, summing up one of the most prominent environmental demonstrations in history. The North Dakota Access Pipeline violated the indigenous rights of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, attracting thousands of protesters to stand in defiance...

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Indigenous Rights Are Key To Stopping Climate Change

Indigenous peoples account for just 6% of the world population, yet their territories hold 80% of the world’s biodiversity, so perhaps it’s time to not only give them the recognition they deserve, but implement their ideals into current environmental decision making.

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The Bushmeat Conservation Crisis: Not making a meal of it

The bushmeat industry is now the biggest driver of wildlife decline, and causing irreversible damage to some of the world’s rarest species. You may not know it, but there is currently ‘bushmeat crisis’

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The Urge to Wander: Hunters, Indigenous Tribes & Modern Nomads 

Lucky enough, we no longer need to fight for survival to the same extreme, but the nomadic culture has still survived in many parts of the world and a new species has even been born: The Modern Nomad

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