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Marine Protected Areas Explained

One fifth of known ocean species are categorized as Threatened by the IUCN, with the number increasing 52 times per year! But did you know only 1.2% of our oceans are protected from threats that face them today? Never before have Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) been more valuable for ocean species conservation, our Online Media Intern investigates how they work and what their future holds.

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The Tuna Trap: Unsustainable and Illegal Fishing

The plight of tuna fish is becoming worse and worse. Despite its place as a household-favourite the saltwater-swimmer is becoming increasingly endangered due to illegal and unsustainable fishing.This week Greenpeace released their Tinned Tuna League Table which highlights some big name brands who are only adding to tuna’s troubles.

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Plenty more fish in the sea: What is being done to ensure marine sustainability?

The Mafia Island Marine Park is the first of its kind in the world. Set up as collaboration between Frontier and WFF, it is recognised as the first successful multi-user marine park in a developing country.


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New Marine Conservation NGO Internship launched in Cambodia!

An exciting new development from Frontier sees a new Marine Conservation NGO Internship launched in Cambodia. The internship will be based on the island of Kaoh Smach in Cambodia and run for a duration of two months. Volunteers will have the chance to explore the tropical island as they work with local communities to create lasting conservation plans for the area.

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