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The Vicious and Devious: 5 Hunting Techniques You Have Never Heard Of

Some hunting techniques are as famous as the animals they belong to. The killer whale is known for using its immense weight to stun sharks, the humpback whale is renowned for creating bubble nets to trap prey, while the crocodile is famous for camouflaging itself as a log. But what about the more obscure animals and their equally obscure hunting techniques?

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Can trophy hunting actually help conservation? 

Supported by hunters and numerous conservationists worldwide, but despised by many animal rights organisations, trophy hunting is one of the most controversial approaches to conservation out there. Media portrayal of trophy hunting is emotive and very black and white. But does this reflect the reality or can a middle ground be found?

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Science Club - Weekly News Round Up 

It's been another great week in our Science Club. We've had news that Costa Rica has become the first Latin American country to ban hunting as a sport and one of our writer's brought us the interesting news that some of our coffee maybe coming to us through a unique and controversial way.

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Amazing Animal Behaviour: Hunting Tactics

With Valentine’s over and done with for another year, we can now move away from the realm of romance. So today we’re bringing you the ultimate hunting guide, telling you about some of the fascinating ways Earth’s creatures have developed to sustain themselves at the expense of their helpless prey.

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