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How Public Perceptions Of Hostels Have  Changed

Image adapted from original by Oh-Barcelona.com‘Youth hostels’ have always existed since 1912 playing second fiddle to hotels due to their lack of luxuries. Although they struggled to appeal to the masses hostels have always been popular among backpackers because of their cheap, no hassle accommodation.

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Don’t Be A Tourist, Be A Traveller! 

Now, at first glance, you may see little difference between a tourist and a traveller. However, the difference is vast and what you gain from being a traveller is far more than any tourist can experience.  So, what are the differences? Read on to find out...

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Your Guide To Hostels

The humble hostel – the backpacker’s best friend and the intrepid-but-broke traveller’s saviour. They can be great places to form global friendships and can be a fantastic base to allow you to explore a new city with ease. Here’s your guide to what to expect for first-timers, the good and the… not so good.

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