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It's A Language Bridge Not A Language Barrier

Learning the language has to be the marmite of the travelling experience. Some hate it, some love it. On the one hand it can be an added stress to the organising of a trip, on the other it’s a way of getting stuck into a country.

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An Introduction To The Zulu

Travelling is more than just self-formation; it’s about meeting others and the different forms of exchange and interaction that ensues. What draws you to a place may be the fantastic sights, but what keeps you there, brings you back and remains forever in your memory is the people.

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The Story of the Easter Egg

Decorated eggs and the consumption of their chocolate counterparts have become the overriding symbol of Easter, synonymous with the perceived role of Santa Claus during Christmas.

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A Frontier Look Back

It’s that time of year that everyone likes to, or at least feels the need to look back at the past twelve months. Frontier has had a busy year with plenty of new research and a variety of new projects.

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Embracing the Past

Fed up with too many gadgets to shake a stick at? Has the endless amount of technology started to drive you insane? Maybe you yearn for some good old fashioned entertainment? Whatever your reasons for escaping the modern world there are various opportunities to step back in time.

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Back to school with Frontier: Lesson Two

Yesterday, Frontier explored the cenotes of the Yucat√°n Peninsula in Mexico. Today we are heading south to Guatemala to explore the infamous Mayan ruins of Tikal in our second lesson of the week: History

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