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Cities With the Highest Air  Pollution

Flickr | David HoltEvery continent has areas that are suffering from severe air pollution. The World Health Organisation recommends that air contains up to 10 micrograms of 6 atmospheric pollutants per square metre to be able to be classed as high quality, clean air. However, as we all know by now it is rare to find such air with today’s pollution levels.

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Climate Change and the Prevalence of  Malaria

All we hear about is what Climate Change is causing… Climate Change is increasing… It really is never ending! Believe it or not, new research now poses severe risk to human health, finding an association between Climate Change and malaria.

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The Battle For Clean  Air

We may not always notice it, but everyday people in congested UK cities are exposed to illegal levels of air pollution. Not only is this an immediate problem for our climate, but poses severe health risks to the general public. The time for an effective clean air strategy is long overdue - but what is being done?

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Eco therapy: A Growing Science

You may have heard of the recently growing science of Eco therapy, a new idea that focuses on the mental health and wellbeing nature can provide for us. From healing drug addiction, improving social interactions, increasing academic performance and reducing depression, Eco therapy has a potential to improve many people’s lives and livelihoods.

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3 Reasons Volunteering is Good for your Health

If you’ve ever been a volunteer research has shown that you’re likely to be happier, less inclined to depression and even more likely to live longer than you’re non-volunteer counterpart.

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