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The Effect of Climate Change on Wetlands 

Wetland ecosystems are integral for the planet. They provide an array of useful ecological services such as preservation of water quality, erosion buffering, carbon sequestration and nurseries for freshwater and marine species. Above all, they are critical for groundwater recharge and inhibit the effects of flooding...

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The Australia Habitat Crisis

Australia still carries an image of a largely untamed landscape and extreme wilderness. Unfortunately, Australia hasn’t avoided the seemingly relentless march of habitat loss, destruction and the problems caused by changing environment.

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Happy World Wildlife Conservation Day!

It’s World Wildlife Conservation Day!

You know at least one endangered animal; you have seen Will Young and the WWF’s recent campaign #WorldNeedsLove, here is what we are really fighting for in animal conservation.

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This Is Why Wildlife Has Halved Since 1975

Every year we lose species, every year nature as well as wildlife is suffering as a result of human behaviour and it’s even worse than we thought. A new report from London Zoological Society claims that the world’s wildlife population has halved in the past 40 years making the situation worse than previously thought.

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