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How Popular Culture Can Affect  Wildlife

Animals are commonly portrayed in film, television and literature as they often make extremely popular subjects and characters. However, occasionally these characters can influence the reputation and popularity of the real life species they depict. This article looks at how popular culture can affect wildlife.

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Sea Turtle Egg Smugglers Busted, Shark Numbers Not What We Thought and Future of UK Solar Unclear: 18th July - 24th July 

Two of the world's most impressive species took a blow last week as a major turtle egg poaching effort was foiled in Malaysia, and a new study revealed the shocking true numbers of Great White Shark around South Africa. Also it could be lights out for the UK Solar industry. Here's your weekly news roundup:

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The Great White Shark

Perhaps the most feared animal in the world, the Great White Shark is the undisputed king of the ocean. A natural born hunter, this fish combines pace, power and precision to become a fearsome creature. However, does this animal’s reputation precede it? Is it really the terrifying fish of nightmares we all should be scared of?

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