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Adrenaline Adventures: The Best of Bungee Around the World

Whether it’s throwing yourself from somewhere high, swimming with something deadly, or embracing the extreme elements, backpacking has long been associated with adrenaline-inducing activities. This week we’ll be going truly Into the Wild on the Frontier blog, launching things with a look at some of the best places in the world to get your bungee kicks.

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National Park Profile: Biscayne National Park

Although it’s not in Central America, today’s National Park Profile features an amazing reserve on the southern tip of Florida in the USA. We spoke to Gary Bremen of Biscayne National Park about this beautiful area and the conservation issues it is involved in.

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Into the Wild Meets: Austin Stevens – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our fascinating interview with Austin Stevens.  In this concluding part Austin tells us about his most embarrassing moment when he was bitten by a snouted cobra, his hopes of seeing a snow leopard in the wild and he tells us which Frontier project he would most like to go on!

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Into the Wild Meets: Austin Stevens – Part 1

In the latest installment of Frontier Meets…, today we speak to Austin Stevens, a man made famous by his fearless and dramatic adventures in search of some of the world’s most dangerous creatures: snakes. In the first of a two-part interview with Frontier, Austin talks us through how he first became interested in snakes, an enthralling tale from his past travels, and much more. 

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