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Frontier's Science Report 2016

2016 has had highs and lows for the environmental movement but Frontier will continue making our contribution to science through our Group Projects in Madagascar, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Fiji, Tenerife and Belize! Here is a round up of our scientific achievements abroad.

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Top 5: Debunking The Climate Change Myths

Did you know 4 out of 10 Americans and one third of Congress don’t believe in climate change? If you are also in doubt, have no fear, Frontier is here to debunk the myths.

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How Volunteers Can Contribute to Conservation Projects

When volunteers come out onto the Frontier Costa Rica forest project, they like to get involved in the surveys in the hope of seeing interesting animals.

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Frontier Project News Roundup - September

It’s been a busy month on Frontier’s environmental science research projects. From diving with Manta rays and Humpback Whales to the seed dispersal ability of the Black Lemur there’s lots to catch up on! Check out the Society for Environmental Exploration (SEE) website for more regular updates from Frontier’s projects.

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