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3 Must-See Environmental  Documentaries

Watch 3 documentaries made this decade presenting the world’s most current environmental issues: Energy Sourcing, Animal Captivity and Climate Change…

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The Alberta Tar Sands: What Are  They?

So much attention is paid in environment news to the oil industry but one section of it is being overlooked. Canada is home to the Alberta Tar Sands, a vast area of land devoted entirely to inefficiently gathering the precious oil and leaving a sticky trail of destruction in its wake.

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Fossil Fuels: The End Is In Sight

Previous attempts to desperately cling to fossil fuels have covered everything from questioning the costs of clean energy to the full-blown collapse of renewable nations should there be a cloudy or still day, but now that we’re in the early days of a renewable revolution, both old myths and current efforts to keep the fossil fuel industry alive are nothing but fuelling its own demise. 

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