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Animal Profile: The  Manatee

Of all the world’s marine mammals, the manatee is not related to dolphins or whales but is the large aquatic relative of the elephant! They play an important role in vegetation growth in their habitats. Read more about these fascinating but highly threatened marine species:

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Can Oil Rigs Become Artificial Reefs? 

Offshore oil rigs have always been an unsightly enemy to environmentalists and the environment alike. The everlasting connection between oil rigs and oil spills continues to live on in international memory...

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Marine Protected Areas Explained

One fifth of known ocean species are categorized as Threatened by the IUCN, with the number increasing 52 times per year! But did you know only 1.2% of our oceans are protected from threats that face them today? Never before have Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) been more valuable for ocean species conservation, our Online Media Intern investigates how they work and what their future holds.

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How shrimp farms are destroying ocean habitats

It’s no secret that shrimp has become a seafood favorite among many people, especially America who are the world’s largest shrimp consumers. In a recent study by the National Marine Fisheries Service, America’s consumption of shrimp has almost doubled since 1996.

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Plenty more fish in the sea: What is being done to ensure marine sustainability?

The Mafia Island Marine Park is the first of its kind in the world. Set up as collaboration between Frontier and WFF, it is recognised as the first successful multi-user marine park in a developing country.


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Science Club: Your Weekly Dose

Here is your weekly summary of all that is new in the Science and Nature world. This week saw the first sighting of a rare whale and the big issues surrounding world fishing raised in a new report by the United Nations. If you want to catch our stories as they come then visit our Science Club during the week.


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Fishing fallout in Japan