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The Effects of Global Warming on  Mangroves

Mangroves have been a beneficial source of life from the start. But as global warming becomes a greater threat to the ecosystem, mangroves have been dying out, causing more and more problems along the shoreline.

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5 Destinations for  Snorkellers

Snorkeling is one of the most popular marine activities amongst travelers and with good reason! Our projects in Tenerife, Fiji and Belize are only 3 of the places that a passion for snorkeling can take you. Here are our top destination finds for your best and most diverse snorkeling experiences…

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QUIZ: Which Island Are You?

From the Atlantic to the Pacific our planet is full of beautiful islands! There are so many choices between the climate, the ocean, the animals, the landscapes...Find out which island you are and maybe how you could go and visit it!

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Ways of living around the globe

With so many volunteers going out around the globe we often hear back volunteer stories of experiencing different ways of living and embracing new cultures.

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5 things to do in Fiji

An archipelago of more than 332 volcanic islands spread out over 7, 100 square miles of the South Pacific ocean, Fiji is home to some spectacular landscapes, with dense, rising greenery giving way to white sandy beaches and clear azure waters.

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The best places to dive around the world

The ocean covers roughly 70% of the world’s surface and offers almost limitless opportunities to explore a completely alien environment. Discover intricate marine ecosystems and wonder at the myriad of underwater species you’ll encounter when you learn to dive.

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The weird and wacky food cuisines from around the globe

Due to it being Waitangi Day in New Zealand this upcoming February what better excuse than to check out all of the other interesting, weird and wonderful foods across the globe.

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Volunteer Interview: Neil Lambert - Fiji Healthcare

Into the Wild spoke to Neil Lambert who is off to Fiji to get experience before beginning his University Pharmacy course. He'll be taking part in the Healthcare project.


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Volunteer of the Month (August): Trenah Stauffer - Fiji Healthcare

Congratulations to Trenah Stauffer, our August Volunteer of the Month. We asked our staff in Fiji to pick a stand-out volunteer who had gone above and beyond in their duties. Our Project Coordinator for Suva, Natasha Hope, chose Trenah for the award, a volunteer on Frontier's Fiji Healthcare Project.

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Frontier Project News Roundup

In this brand new feature, we'll be bringing you a monthly roundup of what's been happening on Frontier projects; from what’s been caught by Cambodia’s camera traps to an absence of ‘sweetlips’ in Tanzania, find out what’s happening on some of Frontier’s main conservation projects around the World. For regular updates on project news makes sure you check out the Project News tab on The Society for Environmental Exploration (SEE) website.

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On Monday we told you all about the fantastic work going on in Costa Rica. Today we move away from Central America and into the South Pacific, home to the idyllic islands of Fiji and the Frontier Marine Conservation and Diving project. Read all about our work here, and find out why it’s one of our most popular project destinations.

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Continuing our week-long theme of wildlife photography, today we are looking at the top five photo opportunities on Frontier’s own projects.

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Frontier goes to the Library

Frontier has projects all over the world. So as part of this week’s theme of inspirational travel writing, we thought we’d have a look at some literature involving some of the countries we work in.

Men Against the Sea by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall

The second in a trilogy about the mutiny of HMS Bounty in 1789, this novel documents the journey made by Lieutenant William Bligh and 18 members of his crew following their forced departure from the war ship. In what is frequently described as the most incredible and impressive feats of nautical navigation, Men Against the Sea chronicles the fascinating struggle faced by these men, and how Bligh skilfully led them to safety. The journey sees the crew row closely to Fiji, an area they understood to be inhabited by cannibals.   



Barefoot Over the Serengeti by David Read

This is the autobiography of David Read’s childhood spent in Tanzania during the 1920’s, an area that is today at the heart of the Serengeti National Park. Barefoot Over the Serengeti is an intriguing account of his upbringing amongst the Maasai people, with whom he spent a lot of time. Detailing their unique lifestyle and hunting methods, this book is constantly lauded as an excellent read for anyone remotely interested in the Maasai tribe, or African culture in general.


Ghost of Chance by William S. Burroughs

This short adventure story takes place in the jungles of Madagascar, and tells the tale of an 18th century pirate named Captain Mission who founds a colony on the African island. Determined to protect the region’s natural elements, including its native lemur population, Captain Mission struggles against plans of development for the island. What results is a strange but interesting work.  



Costa Rica:
Tropical Nature: Life and Death in the Rain Forests of Central and South America

An educational but highly accessible description of some of the most interesting aspects of the rain forests of Costa Rica and Ecuador. Covering an array of topics from the symbiotic relationship of the sloth with the trees they prefer, to why some plants have developed hallucinogenic properties, it is a widely respected and enjoyed account of these regions.  It also includes an extensive guide on what to pack, and what to expect from a trip to these amazing locations.  




For the Sake of all Living Things by John M. Del Vecchio

For the Sake of all Living Things is an emotional book dealing with the events surrounding the horrific genocide committed by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge which was responsible for the extermination of approximately two-million people between 1975-79. It is the second book in a trilogy, and fuses real life analysis of the circumstances leading to the creation of the Khmer Rouge, with fictional accounts of different individuals affected by the dictatorship. A revealing look at this recent and horrifying act of genocide.




By Alex Prior