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Top 10 Female Adventurers

From the original David Attenborough, a polar bear fighting pilot, the shaper of Iran and the creator of the first National Day of Adventure, Frontier breaks down the Top 10 most inspiring female adventurers!

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Into the Wild Meets: Mark Wood - Walking to the Ends of the Earth for Climate Change

Mark Wood considers himself an ordinary guy, but his current situation is about as far from normal as you can get. Mark has completed part one of his attempt to be the first person in history to ski solo – unsupported and unaided, to both the South Geographic and the North Geographic Pole’s consecutively.

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X Prize – Revolution through Competition

Humanity has always faced a huge number of challenges, from exploration and navigation to advances and breakthroughs in medical science. One way that these challenges have been overcome is through incentivised competition, where prizes are offered to the first individual or team to find a solution. Read how the X Prize Foundation approach this.

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The Most Bizarre and Epic Journeys Ever Undertaken

We’re taking you all over the world this week on Into the Wild, looking at some of the most amazing journeys and adventures out there. Today we profile several of the most adventurous, daring and incredible athletes out there, who have put their lives on the line to push the boundaries of what humans can achieve.

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