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What is Coastal  Erosion?

Have you ever wondered why coastal cliffs always have warning signs such as “Danger- falling rocks” or “Don’t stand too close to the cliff.” This is because of coastal erosion. It may sound like a technical word, but is simply the wearing away and redistribution of material on cliffs from different forces such as waves, rainfall and high winds...

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Going meatless once a week?

Meat is an everyday consumption in most carnivore loving households. With the recent news that in the UK alone we waste the equivalent of 86 million chickens a year, there is definitely some room for improvement. 

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Waste not, want not - a new culture of food recycling

We are all aware, even if we don’t do it in practice, that it is hugely important to recycle the packaging and containers that our food and other products comes in, and there are many services in our local areas that provide this.

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Past Frontier Volunteers: Where Are They Now?

Frontier volunteers are a special bunch of people. Whether you've been away with us in the past, heading on a project in the future, or you're currently out there enjoying one of our many amazing trips, you've all got a story to tell. In 'Where Are They Now', we speak to past volunteers who are now involved in amazing and inspirational roles that we think you might find interesting. The question is, where will your Frontier project take you?

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