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Fears After  Fukushima

Flickr | IAEA ImagebankFukushima is now synonymous ‘nuclear power’ and ‘disaster’. The place was once just a normal town which was then catapulted to fame after the nuclear power plant it housed suffered serious damage in 2011. During the time, people were already on edge about nuclear power due to the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and conversations regarding the future of energy, and nuclear energy in particular, had been intense ever since then.

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Top 10: 2016 What We Learned

2016 has seen some bizarre and some wonderful turns of events. With increased tensions between nations and the continued war in Syria, there doesn’t seem much to be happy about this year. That’s is why Frontier is here to give you some reasons why 2016 has been an educational and uplifting year!

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How to Be a Green Traveller

Travelling is great, but between the transportation, the accommodation, the food on the road, all the energy spent on organised tours and on luxury we don’t give ourselves at home… our dreams can be potentially damaging the environment. Here are some tips on reducing waste and saving energy on your next trip to become a green traveller.

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Ecotourism DIY: Instruction for Usage  

Once upon a time, tourism only consisted of a few different things: you’d visit a place, take as many pictures as possible and buy quite tacky souvenirs.

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This week on Into the Wild we are looking to the future: investigating inventions designed to help problems associated with the modern world. Today we present our top three technological innovations, intended to help combat a variety of issues mainly related to population increase. These groundbreaking creations could be the answer to water shortages, energy consumption, air pollution and much more…

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