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World Wildlife Day 2017: The Amazon Coral  Reef

2016 was an exciting year for oceanographers with the discovery of a new coral reef. Not just any reef though; this particular reef is destined to alter scientific knowledge, rewriting the textbooks of what we know about these incredible ecosystems.

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DARWIN DAY: Top 5 Living  Fossils

Safe to say Charles Darwin is most famous for his contributions to the theory of evolution. There are creatures still alive today that have barely changed throughout natural history. Here are 5 species that have stood the test of time.

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Why Wetlands Are  Important

Today in many countries around the world there are people celebrating World Wetlands Awareness Day. Commonly known as ‘Natures Kidneys’, Wetlands are some of the world's most important environments and here's why...

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Climate Change Event Video 2015 

Frontier is raising awareness of species and ecosystems that are at risk of climate change and asking our government to help mitigate climate change to save these critically important habitats and species.

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