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Top 5 Fungi Species

It's the height of autumn! The time of glorious colour bursting from the trees and now from beneath the ground, but not from flowers, from fungi. Autumn is already a fleeting season at the best of times, and the time for fruiting mushrooms even more so, so let's delve into the weird and beautiful world of fungi before the first frost comes.

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Going meatless once a week?

Meat is an everyday consumption in most carnivore loving households. With the recent news that in the UK alone we waste the equivalent of 86 million chickens a year, there is definitely some room for improvement. 

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Making the Most of Eating Abroad

When it comes to travelling abroad for any significant amount of time, the food available is likely to be up there near the top of most people’s priorities. It will depend a lot on where you are travelling and how far off the beaten track you plan to venture. If you’re staying in tourist areas of countries which have embraced the Western world’s eating preferences then you’re likely to be able to find a few foods you recognise. This will mean however, missing out on arguably one of the best parts of travelling to new places – trying the local cuisine.

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