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Earth Day 2017 - What's It All  About?

This weekend’s encore to Easter may not be as egg-citing but you could certainly encourage the argument that it is more important. Earth day has opened the door for us to continue with the ‘E’ alliteration as the theme is all about environment, education and engagement.

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Earth Day 2016 - Let's Get Planting!

Hardly a day goes by when Deforestation isn’t a hot topic in the world of sustainability, environment and conservation. There are few other examples that give such a dramatic depiction of the drastic effect we can have on our planet. As a result, this year’s Earth Day is running with the theme of ‘Trees for the Earth’.

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Humanity's Impact on Earth

In comparison to the billions of years’ history of the Earth, it is very recent when humanity’s activities have had a significant global impact on the Earth's ecosystems. If we put a figure on it, it would be 12,000 years – as old as civilization itself.

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