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How To... Overcome Homesickness

To overcome homesickness you first must understand where it comes from - the human need for connection, love, and security.

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Discover Scandinavia

Often considered the most expensive corner of the world (with good reason), Scandinavia is home to some of the best luxury travel spots there are. But whether you’re on a shoestring or you’re breaking the bank, there’s plenty to discover in this Nordic wonderland.

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Travel & Packing Tips for Backpackers

It’s always good to do your research before going out on a trip, so you are as prepared as you possibly can. When it comes to packing there’s a lot of handy tricks to make good use of, and here’s also be some travel tips you might not have thought of before which will make your trip go so much more smoothly, with not too many ‘doh!’ moments.

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Your Guide To Hostels

The humble hostel – the backpacker’s best friend and the intrepid-but-broke traveller’s saviour. They can be great places to form global friendships and can be a fantastic base to allow you to explore a new city with ease. Here’s your guide to what to expect for first-timers, the good and the… not so good.

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Bucket List: Emma Gardner, Research and Development Intern

Emma is currently interning at Frontier London HQ in the Research & Development department.

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