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QUIZ: Can You Identify Which Of These Products Contain Palm  Oil?

Image adapted from original by Craig Morey

Answer 'true' if you think it contains palm oil or 'false' if you think it doesn't!

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Disaster After End of Year  Deals

It’s the start of the year and for the last three months we have been bombarded with sale after sale, promising saving after saving. We still have one more month to get our hands on discounted goods as the New Year sales refuse to cease…but are they all worth it?

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Going meatless once a week?

Meat is an everyday consumption in most carnivore loving households. With the recent news that in the UK alone we waste the equivalent of 86 million chickens a year, there is definitely some room for improvement. 

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The problem with palm oil

Palm Oil is one of the most widely used products worldwide. It is a primary ingredient in cooking, and cosmetics and is therefore found in a large number of consumer goods.

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