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Cities With the Highest Air  Pollution

Flickr | David HoltEvery continent has areas that are suffering from severe air pollution. The World Health Organisation recommends that air contains up to 10 micrograms of 6 atmospheric pollutants per square metre to be able to be classed as high quality, clean air. However, as we all know by now it is rare to find such air with today’s pollution levels.

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Top 5 most sustainable cities 

Cities have always been respected for their attractive skylines, abundant history and significant economic contribution. It is only recently that sustainability has joined this list, proving that cities can drop their high-carbon status and adopt green initiatives.

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5 Cool Multicultural Cities 

Cities like Paris, London and New York are known for being multicultural melting pots. But such multicultural attractions can be found in a lot of other places in the world, too. We’re here to give you a taste of 5 more cool multicultural cities that are definitely worth a visit.

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The UK’s Urban Wildlife

Wildlife isn’t just the brown bear in the forests of North America or Eastern Europe, wildlife is right here in front of you; all you need to do is look a little closer, maybe look up or down, and most importantly, know where to look. Even in the cities, you will find a range of animals.

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The CitID Project: How to Give A Face to Every City in the World.

Today Into the Wild is looking at an amazing and new inspirational project called CitID which aims to give every city in the world its own personal visual ID - check it out and get involved...

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