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How to be a Global Active Citizen 

In 2000, 8 goals were chosen. It was hoped that by tackling these, it would contribute to making the world a better place. These were known as the Millennium Development Goals, set to take us into 2015, but what happens post 2015?

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The Heart to Change

There have been breakthroughs in medicine due to developments with re-growing damaged heart muscles. The salamander and  the zebra fish both have the ability to regenerate heart cells and therefore have a stronger recovery and life after heart defects. Doctors and scientists are now researching whether it is possible to do it in humans as well.

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Deforestation Rates: A Rising Danger 

Satellite studies have revealed that deforestation rates are up by 62%. Even though the Food and Agriculture Organisation stated they were decreasing, it has begun to be evident that deforestation is having mass effects on the environment.

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So you want to become a Veggie?

Being a Vegetarian can be very tough but it feels great! Well if you don’t end up addicted to cheese and replacing it in every meal you would’ve had meat in. There are so many great alternatives to meat these days and an easy way to get the protein you might be missing from meat.

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Go Green: Ideas with the Power to Spark Change

Green ideas have long struggled to make their way into the spotlight. However, in today’s world the dramatic changes to our climate have made more people aware of the problems our environment is facing. In search of sustainable solutions great thinkers are coming up with new bright ideas.

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