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Gender Diversity Around The World

Gender diversity, fluidity and expression is an integral part of human history. Unfortunately these ideas have oftentimes been lost or suppressed in the past, but there are some cultures that still honour these ancient traditions today.

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The Go Slow Guide to Belize and Caye Caulker

Our Principal Investigator on our Frontier Belize camp in Caye Caulker gives us a rundown on everything Belize and why it should be added to your bucket list..

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Discover Central America: Where to go and what to see

Skip the North and cross the border – it might be the best thing you have ever done. Latin America is a colourful continent, fiery and chaotic, beautiful and diverse. It’s a place of contrast consisting of stunning nature, wildlife and cities in which you find old colonial architecture, lively music and people who seem to have an unstoppable love of life.

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