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3 Must-See Environmental  Documentaries

Watch 3 documentaries made this decade presenting the world’s most current environmental issues: Energy Sourcing, Animal Captivity and Climate Change…

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Lions And Ivory | 2nd - 8th May 2016

Every week we hear more and more topics of news from the world of environment and conservation. It’s a ceaseless topic, never sleeping and always providing us with something new to get our teeth into.

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The Tragic Tale of Tilikum. Could This Be The End of Seaworld?

SeaWorld’s most famous prisoner/attraction is dying. Tilikum, the roughly 30-year-old Orca is the subject of relentless controversy, attention and column inches, is now slowly succumbing to a bacterial lung infection that is resistant to treatment.

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Born Free? Exotic Pet Ownership In The US

Is it unethical to raise wild animals as pets? While dogs and cats have been members of human households for centuries other species are thriving in their natural habitats. But despite the difference between domesticated animals and wildlings, exotic species are still found in cages all over United States.

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