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Books that Inspire an Eco-Friendly  Lifestyle

Flickr | PRORosmarie VoegtlEco-friendly lifestyle brings many new obstacles to daily routines. From struggles with homemade natural cosmetic to arguments with a family about the necessity of recycling or long minutes wasted with searching for the palm oil in the endless ingredients lists. Many bloggers provide great tips on what to do, however, the motivation to change is far more important.

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5 Books That Inspire  Travel

Not only can literature transport you to the edges of the earth without you having to lift much more than a finger, it can also be a great source of inspiration to actually go and discover places for yourself. We're here to give you five books that offer a unique and intriguing insight into some of the most beautiful parts of the world!

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Top 11 travel books

Travelling is a venture which many of us desire. However, for those of us who don't have the time or maybe money, there is always the opportunity to take up travelling from the comfort of your armchair. We have put together a list of top travel books which we believe should take pride of place on your bookshelf.  





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Top Travel Reads

Every journey has the potential to be one of self-discovery as our top travel reads show. We’ve chosen a range of classic and contemporary novels to illustrate what makes a good travel read, so whether home or abroad this summer indulge your imagination with these tales and get inspired for your own travels, spiritual or otherwise.

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Short Story Contest

Are you a budding young travel writer? Are you in awe of Attenborough, besotted by Bryson, charmed by Chatwin? Do you have a journal ready to fill with wondrous tales from your Frontier adventure? Well we’re giving you the opportunity to not only show off your abilities as a writer but also win some of the books we’ve been talking about all week.

All you have to do is write us a 100 word short story inspired by the image below:


Send your entries to info@frontier.ac.uk

We’ll post the winner along with two runners-up on the blog and across our social networks.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

1.    One entry per person
2.    100 word maximum word count
3.    Competition closes: 19th September 2011
4.    The prize will not be transferable to another person or exchangeable for cash