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The New Age of Sail 

Have you ever considered that it might be a sailor’s life for you? Well, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. It seems that more and more people have been asking this question, despite it being one you’d more likely expect from an 18th Century runaway. It just so happens that sailing is making a huge comeback.

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The World's Greatest Journeys: Trains, Boats, and Bikes

As the week comes to a close, so does our feature on the world’s most amazing journeys. We’ve already looked at fantastic road trips and incredible hikes around the planet. We also profiled a few of the craziest adventures ever undertaken, some of which are so epic they haven’t even been completed yet. In today’s ‘best of the rest’ article, we consider 3 more wonderful ways to enjoy some of the most scenic areas in the world.

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