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5 Best Species To See In Belize

Belize is home to a number of different, unique species but here is our list of the five best ones to see while you're in the country...

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Conserving The Manatee

Manatees are definitely a fan favourite in the animal world. They go along with the likes of sloths and penguins, everyone likes them. That soft spot hasn’t helped their populations in years gone by however, as Manatees have been pushed almost to extinction. Thankfully, though, their numbers are recovering.

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10 Slowest Animals

We know the Cheetah is fast, we know the fastest birds, but who is on the other end of the scale? Who drags, takes their time and is never in a rush? Here are the slowest animals:

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Mad Mammals: The Manatee

An exciting event recently took place for Frontier Volunteers when they spotted not one, but TWO, majestic manatees in Belize whilst taking part in the Belize Marine Conservation & Diving. Manatees are incredibly rare, with less than 1000 individuals estimated to live in the coastal waters of Belize, our team has had unbelievable luck spotting two in two days.

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Top 5 Backpacker Dive Sites

It’s not just what’s on the surface that counts when you're travelling.  From incredible corals to sharp-toothed monsters, there is a whole other world to experience below sea-level.

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The best places to dive around the world

The ocean covers roughly 70% of the world’s surface and offers almost limitless opportunities to explore a completely alien environment. Discover intricate marine ecosystems and wonder at the myriad of underwater species you’ll encounter when you learn to dive.

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Adventure Sports - 5 Amazing Diving Experiences

Escaping into a submarine world is a truly amazing experience. With so many different types of dive available around the world, there's plenty to get excited about. Here's the Frontier guide to a few of our favourites.

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