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5 foods affecting the  environment

Most of us are aware of many of the things having a negative effect on the environment in the modern world, but how many of us consider how the food on our plate impacts things like climate change and deforestation? In this article we talk you through 5 foods that are negatively affecting the environment.

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Happy World Animal Day!

Today is the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi! Doesn’t ring a bell? He is the patron of saint animals, and we are celebrating World Animal Day. From spiders to guinea pigs to whales, they are all important and deserve a day of recognition.

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The Dolphins Of Taiji

Today marks the beginning of an annual massacre of one of the most intelligent creatures on our planet.

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Eco Art – International Installations Tackling Environmental Issues

Historically, environmental awareness efforts have taken many different forms. Here’s a look at how some of the world’s artists have tackled topics from climate change to wildlife extinction.

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Job Jealousy: Jordi Chias, marine photographer

Jordi Chias is a freelance photojournalist specialized in underwater and marine themes. His work includes extreme sports like cave diving, free diving and deep wrecks, and he is also working on travel articles and natural history subjects.

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