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Outdoor Offices 

High walls, high rise buildings and high pressures - today’s office spaces are more sedentary and claustrophobic than ever. Yet the modern workplace is changing, and there is an increasing trend towards open and flexible office spaces.

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The World's 5 Oldest Cities

The number of people each year who choose their city break based on how old and rich in history the place is must be enormous. Rich in culture, architecture and often fine weather, these sorts of places are a tourism moth to a flame. But which is the oldest of the old? Well, here’s the list.

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The top 5 best animal architects

Gardens, cathedrals, condominiums and fashionable interiors: the animal kingdom is full of talented architects. Most of the species build up rough dens to inbreed and protect their offspring from predators; but some of them have a marked passion for design.

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Five breath-taking buildings

Architecture can tell a story of history whilst its aesthetics can create an atmosphere of a place and define it.

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