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Animal Profile -  Ants

Unfortunately ants are oftentimes overlooked, used as an age-old synonym for insignificance, but these little beasties are much more sophisticated, intelligent and have a much more substantial impact than we give them credit for.

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7 Small deadly animals

Deadly animals? Sure. Crocodiles, snakes, sharks. But we are talking much, much smaller. The obvious small animal with the ability to kill you – and is at home all around the world – is a mosquito; simply because it can carry fatal diseases. And there are so many more!

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The ant experience

Red, black, yellow, small, big, hairy, smooth, alone, in groups and most notably always busy! For centuries ants have fascinated human beings and the scientific community with their relentless activity and impression of order and organisation; to the point that it inspired industrial management strategies.

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Giant ants love a bit of warm weather