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The Ethics Of Zoos And Aquariums

Circuses are known for their mistreatment of animals, and after Blackfish (2013), the exposé documentary on orca whales at SeaWorld, we see shows featuring animal performers in a different light. These productions are typically avoided by the conscious-minded or those aware of the animal exploits at work to draw crowds.

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Doomed to entertain: The fate of circus animals

Behind the magical spotlight and incredible acts put on by elephants and tigers in circuses around the world, lies a hurt and damaged animal. Abuse has long been an issue in circuses, but now it finally seems to have caught public attention and today more and more countries have banned the practice.

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Dolphin Rehabilitation: A good deed or just plain cruelty?

Captive rehabilitation is often promoted as a good deed with the animals’ wellbeing in mind and a way of saving stranded dolphins so that they can be released back into the wild. Unfortunately that is not the whole story. Many dolphins never leave captivity once they have been “rescued” due to the low success rate of captive rehabilitation. Marine mammals such as dolphins simply aren’t made for life behind bars. 

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Zoochosis - a study of abnormal behaviours in zoos

Last summer, Nanna Påskesen spent three months as an Online Media Intern at Frontier’s London Headquarters editing videos to promote Frontier’s projects.

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Behind the curtain of SeaWorld – documentary ‘Blackfish’ has premiered in the UK

When ‘Free Willy’ - the story about a captive orca and his journey to freedom came out in 1993, it was the first time a worldwide audience at once fell in love this majestically creature of the ocean.

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