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3 Must-See Environmental  Documentaries

Watch 3 documentaries made this decade presenting the world’s most current environmental issues: Energy Sourcing, Animal Captivity and Climate Change…

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The Fur Trade: Bad Taste In Fashion

The fur trade used to be big business until animal rights campaigns and activist groups shed light on the issue and changed public perception, but despite this criticism real fur is unfortunately back in vogue...

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The Life of Lions in the Canned Hunting Industry

Today is World Lion Day, a day to celebrate the majestic and iconic creatures that have inspired fear and awe since the dawn of civilization, a day to reflect on the damage humanity has caused to their species and a day to take action against the injustices they face.

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Born Free? Exotic Pet Ownership In The US

Is it unethical to raise wild animals as pets? While dogs and cats have been members of human households for centuries other species are thriving in their natural habitats. But despite the difference between domesticated animals and wildlings, exotic species are still found in cages all over United States.

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